Music Playlist: Suggested Best Of Erykah Badu

I posted on Facebook : What's your favorite Badu song? And you all delivered! The result was a collection of past and more current songs from this wonderful soul artist. The range of emotions from song to song is also so beautiful! Hope ya'll enjoy!!

In no particular order: 

  1. Other Side Of The Game
  2. Orange Moon
  3. Out My Mind, Just In Time
  4. Tyrone
  5. Green Eyes
  6. On and On
  7. Sometimes
  8. I Want You
  9. Love Of My Life
  10. You Got Me
  11. Window Seat
  12. Didn't Cha Know
  13. In Love With You
  14. Next Lifetime
  15. No Love

Listen to the playlist on Spotify or Youtube: