Taking Time to Just Dream

How often do you take time to just dream? When do you sit in stillness and envision? When have you written down, “If I had the chance to live my life exactly as I wanted to starting today, what would it look like?”

We often get into the day to day routine, without stopping to reflect and ask ourselves these big picture questions. Our life is ours to control and is a result of our decisions .  One of the most important ones we can make is deciding to set aside intentional time to reflect.

It may feel like work at first or that you don’t have the time.  But my reward is worth the work :).   

I'm inviting you to once a week, create an opportunity for reflection.  It could be going for a walk, journaling, coloring, meditating, whatever you’d like.  You’ll find that you start making bold moves by infusing your week vision and reflection.

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