Creating Empowering Emotional Scripts...

Have you ever experienced an emotional script in your head? Emotional scripts are like mental movies that appear subconsciously, and they can control and influence our emotions and the actions we take. Instead of having it control us, how do we hop in the director's seat to change those thoughts around?

This week, I share with you one of the most empowering tools I've used in my life to deal with and tackle emotional scripts head on. I discuss 5 Steps you can use to rewrite the script in a way that is empowering for us.

Here's a sneak peak of the 5 Steps:

1. Notice and Voice.  Notice the behavior, the emotions, and/or the mental conversation and vocalize it.
2. Name the Links. Go within and reflect upon the question, "What have I linked to this action, behavior, person, or situation, on an emotional level?"
3. Get a Bigger Why! Get some emotional power by finding a WHY that is bigger than the obstacle in front of you. 
4. Create New Links. Intentionally write the emotional script yourself by answering, "What meaning and associations do you want this to have?"  
5. Reinforce and Repeat. Reinforce your intentional emotional script, and the empowering links you've created, by repeating this process until your new emotional script becomes your habitual response. 

These tools have helped me a long the way and I hope that they can help you! Check out this week's episode!