Creating Your Ideals To Live By

Having a vision for your life is a powerful motivator.  Have you intentionally taken the time to reflect upon the standards you hold yourself to?  This week’s episode is an interactive workshop that walks you through the process of creating ideals and mottos you want to live by.

For example, a few of the Ideals to Live By that I created for myself are:

  1. Courage Over Fear.

  2. Creativity Over Regurgitation.

  3. Consistency Over Perfection.

Throughout 2018, these have been the mottos that have guided my life.  As we get ready to close out this year, I wanted us to take a chance to reflect upon these past 12 months.  That way we are ready to jump into 2019 with purpose and clarity.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!  

Your Ideal Self podcast.jpg

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