Momentum, Accuracy, and Power! (Inspired by a Soccer Coach's Wisdom)

I love running in parks!  Not only am I inspired by nature but also by the people around me.  For instance, the other day I heard a soccer coach tell his team:

“Momentum is Power.”

He was teaching them about soccer but I immediately began to apply it to leadership.  Before I could finish my thought, I heard him clarify:

“Accuracy is greater than power.”

By this point, I was thinking, “Wow! Middle school soccer coaches are the best!” Throughout the rest of my run, I kept turning these two points over in my mind.  By the end, I had developed three takeaways.

This week's 'Year of Expression' breaks down how Momentum, Accuracy, and Power apply to our Leadership!

Here's the three Take-a-ways:

  1. Momentum is the action we take towards a goal, vision, or dreams.
  2. When we are stuck, momentum is what gives us our power.
  3. Intentions and strategy are the ‘accuracy’ that creates focus rather than just powering through.

For a deeper dive, listen to this week's podcast!  It covers the same subject but goes more in depth.

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