Saying No is Essential to Your Happiness

Have you ever said yes to too many things and started to feel like you've over committed yourself? Have you ever said yes to a meeting that you knew you weren't going to be on time for? Have you ever said yes because you didn't want to hurt somebody's feelings or you wanted to please somebody?

Learning how to say no has been one of most liberating experiences of my life.  By unpacking the baggage I had around saying, “no,” I have found endless happiness :).

This week’s T.H.E. Celebration episode continues my Year of Balances by diving it:

  1. My journey of learning to say no.
  2. The ways we undermine our yeses by not saying no.
  3. Accessible, polite and well tested ways to say no.

- Please note: -

This episode and blog post is talking about “no” and “yes” in the context of time and life management.  I am not talking about “yes” and “no” in the context of abuse, assault, sexual violence, and consent.

In that context, it is a no unless there is ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT.  Here are two great article/resources:

I Didn’t Say No But It Was Still Rape

5 Reasons Not Saying No During NonConsensual Sex Doesn’t Make You Weak

- End note -

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