An Interview With Amreen Karmali (Founder of the Real Talk Project)

This week we have a very powerful and important episode for you!  I interview educator, activist and founder of The Real Talk Project Amreen Karmali.

 Our purpose for this interview, was to have an intentional conversation on how men can work to end sexism and rape culture, and create a world of equity and inclusion. 

As part of The Real Talk Project, Amreen facilitates a course specifically designed to empower male allies.  Through her expertise, Amreen shares with us many tools and resources.

In addition, we dialogued about: 

  1. #MeToo 
  2. Intersectionality
  3. Microagressions
  4. Gender Justice
  5. Sex Positivity and Consent
  6. Self-Reflection
  7. Healthy and Loving Relationships 

This episode is a truly a resource for anyone who is passionate about creating a world free from discrimination.  It is especially an important episode for men who are striving to be accountable and active allies in ending sexism. 

Resources Referenced In the Interview: 

Amreen’s Contact Info:

IG: @amreena


Videos and Articles:

The Mask You Live In Documentary and Resources

Very Smart Brothas "Men Just Don't Trust Women and This is a Problem

This episode is also available as a podcast. Listen below or on iTunes.