Celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary With the Heard Em Say Slam Team

On this week’s episode, I celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary of the Live and Online: Expression Session.  What better way to mark this  milestone than to bring back my first poetry guest, Walter “Wally B.” Jennings. 

To make this even more epic, Wally brought the 2018 Heard Em Say Poetry Slam Team to join us.  The interview I share with Wally and the Heard Em Say Team is powerful, relevant, and necessary. 

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We spoke on how poetry transforms, the power of youth voice, and the team shared with us 3 poems - including one team piece!

You are going to really appreciate this one my friends!  Enjoy!  

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Miracle - @mir.mai

Genesis - @blacccthebrat

Gabby - @gabby.roofe

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