Woven Into the Fabric - An interview with Tsehai Essiebea Farrell

My friends, this weeks episode is pure magic.

For this episode, I interviewed Tsehai Essiebea Farrell, author of “Woven into the Fabric.”  It was an absolute honor to sit down with such a brilliant author.

If you have a dream, a mission, a purpose, that you inside of you, this interview will provide you with inspiration and strength. 

Tsehai shares with us the captivating story that is her new book.  She talks about the 21 year journey she went on to write it.  

As she says in the interview, she heard from spirit, “Writing this book is the bridge to the rest of your life.” 

I can't emphasize enough how much spiritual nourishment this interview gave me.  I hope you do yourself the favor of enjoying it as well.  

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