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Live and Online: Expression Session Featuring Asha

The Live and Online: Expression Session is a writing workshop, a community, and culminates with a featured performance by internationally recognized Asha.

Want to connect with writers, creatives, and poets from around the world?  Are you looking for a breakthrough of inspiration and expression?  Join us from anywhere in the world THIS Sunday!

Join us LIVE on Sunday, July 16th at 12 PM PST - 2 PM PST (That’s 3 PM - 5 PM if you’re on the east coast).

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In anticipation of the event, Nia joined me for an interview. We really got into the art of how to be yourself. Things such as how to speak your truth and how to have self-love are just a few talking points. I really appreciate the vulnerability and authenticity that lies within this episode. Asha also really blessed us with some of her poetic art.