Tom Earl provides strategic planning, executive coaching, training, and consulting for individuals and organizations across education, non-profit and private enterprise.  His focus is in leadership development, conflict mediation, team building, expression & creativity, and diversity & inclusion. His process is centered in bringing diverse groups of people together to engage in transformative dialogue and to build meaningful relationships.   He provides unique learning experiences that are engaging, experiential, and encourage participants to lead in bold ways.

Tom is the Founder and Principal of T.H.E. Celebration Academy - an online learning platform which connects students with their purpose and gifts, while taking their leadership, communication and relationships to the next level.

Tom’s prolific music and spoken word career has afforded him the opportunity to perform both nationally and internationally. Through his membership program, Art Makes Impact, Tom provides live workshops and a space for connection and community for artists around the world. He is the founder and host of the monthly online writing workshop: 'Live and Online: Expression Session'.  

He leads motivational training to thousands of people every week through his weekly podcast and video series, T.H.E. Celebration.

Tom has been featured by Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Huffington Post and Now This.