Courageous Celebration With Adaora and I

EID Mubarak my friends!  Today marks the end of the sacred month of Ramadan.  As millions of people around the world celebrate this special day, I’d like to invite you to consider: 

“What are you courageously celebrating in your life?"

This week’s episode is a relaxed and intimate conversation between Adaora and I on that very subject.  Through our poetry, thoughts, and reflections we explore what courageous celebration looks like in our lives.

This is part writing workshop and part heart to heart discussion.  I know you will love this unique and inspiring episode.  


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Fashionista, Muslim Journalist, and My Good Friend: Intisar Seraaj

On this week’s episode, I sit down with fashionista, Muslim Journalist, and my good friend Intisar Seraaj. 

I LOVE spending time with Intisar!  We always have such rich conversations filled with both deep topics and hilarious side notes. 

This week’s episode is exactly that!  Two friends coming together to talk about about Ramadan, courage, self-love, being kind to yourself, our love for Lupita Nyong'o, friendships & relationships, and speaking up for yourself.

This is Intisar’s Year of Kindness and it is my Year of Courage.  We discussed how we decided upon our intention and the lessons have learned so far. 

Pull up a seat to this laid back, engaging and real conversation between two good friends!

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Sex Ed. and Feminism With Sahar Pirzada

On this week’s episode, Sahar Pirzada and I have a courageous conversation on sex, rape culture, and feminism.

Sahar is currently the Programs & Outreach Manager for HEART. HEART is a a Muslim-led organization that promotes sexual health and sexual violence awareness in Muslim communities through health education, advocacy, research and training.

Both Sahar and I talked about our journey and how we came to learn about intersectional feminism and sex education. This is truly an important, inspiring, and empowering conversation. Both of us shared some vulnerable and honest truths.

Plus, you get a bonus, behind the scenes listen into what we talked about after the ‘official interview.’


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The NFL’s Protest Ban is Status Quo Racism

The NFL’s protest ban is merely a status quo upholding of our implicit societal racism and the white supremacy we refuse to relinquish.  It is a quoting of the, “Shut up and get back to work,” legacy of slavery our country is founded upon.  Events like this just bring it to the surface with an even greater cadence.  It is a reminder that this historic repression is as much a part of whiteness as privilege is. 

Our racism shows itself in our refusal to truly ask ourselves and then find the readily available answers to “What are Black players protesting? What might motivate them to risk their careers to take this stand?”

What compounds the situation, is that even while deploying arguments and actions that uphold racism, we are convinced that we are in fact, not racist. Maybe we’re not the ones grabbing a tiki torch (though many do), or running protesters over with a car, rather our racism manifests itself in silence and business as usual. 

The NFL player’s protests feels upsetting to those of us who are white because it is deeply personal.  Our racial identity is so integrated with the maintaining of supremacy, that any challenge to it will always illicit a visceral reaction.  

Silencing Black voices from protesting police violence, racism, and white supremacy, is as sacred to our whiteness as football on Sunday.  White men in power, creating systems that penalize Black people for challenging their authority, is a revered ritual in America.  

But of course, what I’m saying is all just BS right? I’ve swallowed the PC culture Kool-Aid. None of this has anything to do with racism, you just want "those damn [Black] players to shut up, be grateful for what they have, and play.”

Sounds nothing like, “Shut up (racial slur), and entertain me.” 

Art, Culture and Dopeness With Marium Rana

Art, Culture, and Dopeness.  That’s this week’s episode with visual artist Marium Rana

Oh, and we talked about Black Panther, AFI, Ramadan and fasting, racism, the impact of art, creativity and courage, being yourself, and tons and tons of brilliant quotes from Marium. 

We laughed A BUNCH and we even talked about the bald eagle American pride tattoo that I have. 

Here’s just a snapshot of Marium’s awesome life: 

Marium Rana is an American-born Pakistani visual artist, who works primarily in ink and aqueous media. She has curated numerous art exhibitions throughout the United States.  She served as the design chair for TEDxFSU.

Be sure to do your patriotic duty and listen to this weeks’ FIRE episode with Marium Rana (say that last part super loud and like a MC bringing someone to the stage).


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Fasting for Health and Happiness

This week marks the beginning of Ramadan.  For those observing, it is 30 days of fasting, reflection, prayer, and community.


There are many spiritual and health benefits to fasting. But sustaining from food and water aren't the only ways to fast. 

On this episode, I invite you to consider joining me in fasting from these five things:

  1. Comparison
  2. Control
  3.  Social Media  
  4. Self-Doubt
  5. Over-Achieving 

For each of these, just picking 1 day a week or a month to fast, can have a positive impact on our lives. Consider it :). 

Plus learn about the reasons why, tips for getting started, and enjoy some fun stories I share. 

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A Trans Secret Agent Fights Crime

I honestly had such a FUN time on this week’s episode.  If there was a laughter barometer, we would have broke it!

I sat down with the filmmakers Shaan Dasani and Mikki del Monico to talk about their new project Agent of Change.

Agent of Change is about a secret agent who is on a mission to save the future of food, and as a transgender man, save humanity: one gender stereotype at a time!

Plus we took a deep dive into: 

  • Masculinity
  • Transgender representation in the media
  • Courage
  • Living your truth 

Shaan and Mikki have a crowd funding campaign going to support their film.  It would mean the world to me, and them, if you took a moment to check it out here

Enjoy this weeks episode!  

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The Legendary Dj Ace Vedo

I am so excited to share this interview with Dj Ace Vedo.  Prepare yourself to be inspired and to enjoy yourself! 

Dj Ace Vedo is a Pro Dj Hailing from the boogie down Bronx, NY.   Nominated as one of “Tampa Bay’s best Club Dj’s” in 2015 & 2016, Dj Ace Vedo has cultivated an eclectic sound that gets any crowd moving.

It was a pleasure getting to learn the origin story of how Ace Vedo become Dj Ace Vedo.    I really got to know a whole new side of someone I’ve been a long time fan of. 

Plus we had an in depth conversation on:

  • Confidence and courage
  • Self-awareness
  • Discovering your passion
  • Hilarious stories of Djing
  • Tips, tools, and insights into Djing
  • Project No Labels

I know I saw this often, but trust me, this was by far one of the most inspiring interviews I’ve ever done.  I’ve already listened to this twice!  

Dj Ace Vedo Flyer.jpg

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Tracy Durrant: Growing Profitable Businesses

Tracy Durrant is a Creative Entrepreneur, Business & Lifestyle Coach based in London. She is passionate about supporting women growing profitable businesses that are aligned with their gifts.

On this interview, she shares her Journey from selling homemade badges at the age of 5 - to launching a lingerie brand in London and Paris - to building a successful coaching business.  

We also talked about: 

  • How she built her coaching business. 
  • Many inspiring stories about women entrepreneurship.
  • Spirituality and sustaining your vision.
  • The role of creativity in business and life.
  • The power of Courage.

I did not want this interview to end!  I was soaking up the captivating stories, resources, and knowledge that Tracy shared.  The gifts and gems that she offers in this episode are ones you will not want to miss! 

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An Intersectional Dialogue With Claudia Alick

I am really excited to share this one with you.  This week’s episode is unique and explores a new format.  I sit down with intersectional inclusion expert, artist and digital nomad Claudia Alick.  

Rather than an interview, Claudia and I had a back and forth conversation.  Both of us asked each other questions and explored the answers together.

During our dialogue, we covered topics such as: 

  • Claudia's Listening Tour
  • Leadership 
  • Inclusion and Accessibility 
  • Intersectionality 
  • How we both got into the work we are in. 

It was really fun exploring this format.  Both Claudia and I had some real ‘aha moments’ during this one. 

You will love this unique and exciting episode.  

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