A Conversation On Bullying

On this episode of T.H.E. Celebration, we are having a conversation about a very real topic, bullying. We've all seen it. It can appear present-day on our social media timelines or in everyday spaces such as school or even at work.  

Let's dive deeper.

Our conversation will touch on how to be allies or people who use our leadership skills to interrupt or challenge bullying. And ultimately transform it from bullying to being an environment free from discrimination. We explore different roles of bullying such as the: victim, perpetrator, bystander, ally or upstander -- which are all a part  of "The Bully Box". 

I also identify great resources and give tools for us all to strengthen our personal responsibility as well as have the conversation with students, our peers, or our co-workers. 

Check out this very informative episode!



Live and Online: Expression Session - July Edition (Featuring Asha!)

Live and Online: Expression Session is a monthly writing workshop which culminates in a featured performance by an internationally recognized artist.

On this week's episode of T.H.E. Celebration, I had the privilege of exchanging beautiful expression with the amazing poet, activist, and educator, Asha.

We really got into the art of how to be yourself. Things such as how to speak your truth and how to have self-love are just a few talking points. I really appreciate the vulnerability and authenticity that lies within this episode. Asha also really blessed us with some of her poetic art.

For so much more, check out our dynamic interview below:


9 On My Mind - Playlist

Music can be so inspiring. It can change your mood, get you pumped up or mellow you out at the end of a long day!  I wanted to share 9 songs that have been on my mind these past few weeks. Enjoy! 

Playlist - 9 On My Mind (In no particular order)

  1. Apocalyptica - Nothing Else Matters

  2. Believer - Imagine Dragons

  3. Yellow light - Pharrell Williams

  4. Drew Barrymore - SZA

  5. Grant Green - Mr Jukes, Charles Bradley

  6. Your Song - Rita Ora

  7. Genuflect - Louise Chantál

  8. Teenage fantasy - Jorja smith

  9. Hot damn Jessica hernandez

You can listen to this playlist either on Spotify or YouTube. 

An Interview with Dermot Givens

This week I sat down with with social justice activist and lawyer, Dermot Givens. We dug deep on current topics, his life journey, and shared a phenomenal dialogue about issues that are prevalent in society today.

Dermot has been an activist his whole life and is also a member of the Black Lives Matter Justice League. He is the first and only lawyer in CA to win a criminal case defending a Black Lives Matter activist. 

Here are some of my favorite questions Dermot answered during his in-depth interview: 

1. Is it possible to have a fair trail? 
2. What is the Black Lives Matter Justice League?
3. What is a person's reaction, when they are serving a life sentence, and they first hear they have been given parole? (Dermot helps people with life sentences receive parole).
4.  What legal advice do you have for activists? 
5.  Do you have any legal advice for entrepreneurs who are getting started? 
6.  What is a plea bargain and what is its relationship to the prison industrial complex? 



We Celebrate! 5 Things To Celebrate

It's celebration time! On one of our previous episodes this month, we talked about 5 ways to fast in honor of Ramadan. If you missed that episode, check it out here.

To commemorate our completion of fasting, let's celebrate! Here are 5 things I suggest you celebrate:

1. Your Accomplishments. You'd be surprised how many of our accomplishments we have forgotten, downplayed, or breezed by.  Take the time to celebrate your personal #Wins and they will become fuel for your journey. 

2. Your Affirmations. I keep a journal of affirmations people have shared with me.  When I need a reminder of who I am and why I'm here, I read through my affirmation journal.  Let us resist minimizing the moments we are affirmed and instead, celebrate them!

3.  Your Gratitudes. Gratitudes are a game changer!  Celebrate that which you are grateful for and you will take control of your mindset, perspective, and emotions.  Plus, its fun! 

4.  Your Failures. What?! Yup, that's right! In every moment we are deciding, "what does this mean?"  By celebrating your failures, you define it, rather than it defining you.  Instead of, "it's over and I suck." Failure can mean: "I am innovative, I am pushing past all limitations, and I am bold!"  Celebrate it!

5.  What Brings You Joy. Celebrate what brings you joy!  Is it re-reading the Harry Potter series? Snuggling on the couch and watching your favorite show?  Sleeping in?  Cooking?  Creating art? Cleaning the house?  Meeting up with friends? Calling your mom? Whatever it is, find time this month to CELEBRATE IT!  Indulge in what brings you joy without guilt.  This is what balance looks like! 

I had a blast recording this episode!  Start the celebration!

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Bonus Episode - Live and Online: Expression Session Replay

This week is a bonus episode!  As a celebration of this extra Friday in June, I'm sharing a replay of last week's Live and Online: Expression Session. 

For those who haven't been able to attend, now is your chance!  

This week's Expression Session Replay Includes:

1. An interactive writing workshop. 
2. Experience the group poem that was created. 
3. Listen to the free write everyone created.

All replays of the Live and Online: Expression Session are available to Art Makes Impact Members. 

Not a member yet?  Learn more here

This episode is also available as a podcast. Listen below or on iTunes.

Live and Online: Expression Session - June Edition (Featuring Nia Malika Dixon!)

Live and Online: Expression Session is a monthly writing workshop which culminates in a featured performance by an internationally recognized artist. For this month, we're happy to present the Writer - Producer - Director: Nia Malika Dixon! 

Nia and I had a great time recording her interview for T.H.E. Celebration.  We got deep during this one, covering conversations on love, vulnerability, fear, getting out of the box, and the impact of storytelling. 

Here's some of my favorite questions that Nia brilliantly responded to: 

1. What is your definition of love?
2. What is a story that has impacted your life? 
3. What is resiliency and what is healing? 
4. Can you expand upon what you mean by, "I'm a 21st century century griot trying to get the narrative of the Black Muslim Women out there."
5. What have been some landmarks and crossroads on your journey to?

Plus, Nia reads poetry from her soon to be released book, A Notebook for Heartbreak.  Yes! 

Experience some love and expression, join us this Sunday and check out Nia's interview. 


5 Things to Fast From

During this month of Ramadan I am fasting for 30 days. There are many spiritual and health benefits to fasting. But sustaining from food and water aren't the only ways to fast. 

On this episode, I invite you to consider fasting from five things:

1. Comparison
2. Control
3. Social Media  
4. Self-Doubt
5. Over-Achieving 

For each of these, just picking 1 day a week or 1 day a month to fast, can have a positive impact on our lives. Consider it :). 

Hear about the reasons why, tips for getting started, and enjoy some fun stories I share. All this and more, in this week's episode of T.H.E. Celebration. 



An Interview with Imam Daayiee Abdullah!

This week I had the chance to interview the renowned Muslim leader Imam Daayiee Abdullah. This was an amazing opportunity that I am happy to share with you!

In our interview, Imam Daayiee shared his unique and extraordinary experience and pathway to Islam, as well as his culminating work on Islam, sexual orientation, gender, diversity, inclusion, and the founding of Mecca Institute. We also talk about: 'What is Ramadan and where does it come from?' 

Check out Imam Daayiee's website here: daayiee.net

I was inspired by many of the valuable things said in our talk. This is something that you don't want to miss!




Don't Believe Everything You Think

An area I am inviting balance is in my thoughts.  Have you seen the bumper sticker, "Don't believe everything you think"? Like the movement of ocean currents, we have thought currents that we can be swept along by.  Leaving us over our head before we recognize what happened. That why, in this episode we explore:

  1.  When you're caught in these riptide currents of your mind, how do you get out?  
  2. How do you become the observer rather than just being dragged along by anything that comes into your mind?

And I share with you:

  1.  3 thought patterns to be aware of
  2.   3 ways to break a pattern and shift your energy

This episode is really helpful for those seeking to have positive self-talk and to move past anxiety and self-doubt.  

watch or check it out AS A PODCAST BELOW.

also listen to the episode on itunes.