My 30th Birthday Celebration!

I'm so excited to celebrate my 30th birthday! Wahoo! One of my birthday rituals is to celebrate one one thing I love about myself, for every year of my life.  Which means, this year I'm sharing 30 self-love affirmations :). 

Each of my previous birthdays reflects where I was during that point in my life.  At my 18th birthday, one group of my friends (high on coke and huffing fumes) pulled knives on another group of my friends and tried to stab them.  At my 20th birthday, I was drinking a liter of whiskey almost everyday.  Or the birthday I had to tell my dad I've been arrested and am in serious trouble. 

My intention is to give closure to my 20's and step forward boldly into my 30's by sharing this part of my story.  Recording this has been one of the most vulnerable and freeing experiences of my life.  I am honored to have you be a part of it. 

Enjoy this week's episode, as I share with you my birthday stories and celebrate 30 self-love affirmations! 

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