Courage Talks - Part I

If you regularly tune into my work, you’ll have heard me say many times that this is my Year of Courage.

We often associate courage with heroic and dangerous acts of valor alone, such as saving someone from a burning building or putting yourself in harm's way.  While this is certainly courage, I also wanted to highlight what courage looks like in our everyday lives.

Throughout this year I have asked my guests what courage looks like in their life.  At the same time, during 2018, I have been asking friends these same questions. During a dinner party, or while people were over at my house, I’d invite them to step into my studio, where I would walk them through the same set of questions around courage.

During this two part episode, you get to hear their responses.  Ranging from diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives, the participants of this episode dive deep into who their courage role models are, what courage looks like, and how you can become more courageous.

I am so excited to share this year long process and journey with all of you in this double episode. I hope you enjoy part 1 of Courage Talks!


Sadiya Sassine
FB: Sadiya Sassine

Rasha Goel
IG: @RashaGoel

Adam: Adam Blake
IG: @adamblakeactor  

Na'ilah Mu'ied
IG: @poeticnubia

Tress Glenn:
IG: @TressGlenn  

Anna Sambrooks
IG: @anna_sambrooks  

Rayesa Gheewala
IG: @rayesagheewala  

Ione Butler
IG: @ionebutler

Courage talks Pt 1 Podcast.jpg

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