Syrian American Poet Dania Alkhouli

In this week’s episode I interview Syrian American author and poet Dania Alkhouli. Dania is also the feature for this Sunday’s Live and Online Expression Session.

Dania’s second book “Oceans and Flames” was published last year and paints moving images of being a survivor of Domestic Abuse.  Dania tapped into her resilience and overcame the violence, and now she speaks out on the significance of empowering women and men to break the cycle.

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Dania shares 3 powerful poems from her book and talks about the Non Profit  and traveling exhibition she founded with her mother - ‘A Country Called Syria’. The non profit showcases the history and rich culture of her country, and helps local communities connect with its rich heritage and resilient people.

You can follow Dania on Instagram and Facebook.


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Dania Alkhouli will be our feature on this week's edition of the Live and Online: Expression Session.  Register below! 

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