Courageous Self-Love

Have you looked all over for something you lost? Maybe it was your glasses, your keys, some lipstick, or something you just couldn’t find.  Only to discover you had it all along in your purse, or backpack or maybe you were even wearing it already. 

The lessons for us here is that having is not empowering unless we we have the REALIZATION of what we possess. 

You are worthy, you are loved, your miraculous, you are complete, whole and beautiful.  Like our lost keys example, having it is not the same thing as that moment where you fully REALIZE that you are all of this and more. 

This week’s episode focus on courageous self-love.  This is the foundation of it all.  It is where we shall begin in the Year of Courage. 

Let us walk forward together on this path of courageous self-love.  Enjoy this week’s video and/or podcast.  

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