Big, Bold, Beyond the Stars Dreams

This year I am asking, "Where can I find balance? Where can I invite balance?"  I’m bringing balance to the time I spend in creating BIG, BOLD, BEYOND THE STARS DREAMS. 

I’ve noticed a lot of my dreams only go a little bit outside of my comfort zone. Or I dream, but I let my limiting beliefs bonsai my goals and visions.  

This year, I am ready to have rocket ship dreams!  Dreams that take me to my highest potential and more!  I’m spending quality, intentional time in creating big, bold, beyond the star dreams.

Not only are beyond the stars dreams amazing but they also impact our lives in tangible and measurable ways. For the Type A people out there, for my high achievers who want to know, "Okay, well how will this get me towards my goals?"

Here are Five Outstanding Benefits BIG Dreams Bring:

1) They Bring Clarity

2) They Make Your Dreams a Reality

3) The Clarity and Reality Generates Excitement

4) They Pave the Way for Transformation

5) They Remind Us that We Are Magic

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