A Trans Secret Agent Fights Crime

I honestly had such a FUN time on this week’s episode.  If there was a laughter barometer, we would have broke it!

I sat down with the filmmakers Shaan Dasani and Mikki del Monico to talk about their new project Agent of Change.

Agent of Change is about a secret agent who is on a mission to save the future of food, and as a transgender man, save humanity: one gender stereotype at a time!

Plus we took a deep dive into: 

  • Masculinity
  • Transgender representation in the media
  • Courage
  • Living your truth 

Shaan and Mikki have a crowd funding campaign going to support their film.  It would mean the world to me, and them, if you took a moment to check it out here

Enjoy this weeks episode!  

agent of change (1).jpg

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