Leadership is a Bridge

This is the last day of my year of courage. Over the last 12 awesome months, I’ve shared thoughts on courage from my various interviewees, culminating the last two weeks with discussions that were purely about courage.

With the wonderful insights we received, we move into 2019 brimming with courage - to fulfill our own hopes and dreams. To be courageous leaders for ourselves and our communities.

When it comes to making our way, there is a bridge that connects the extremes within us. Walking that bridge and finding the balance is leadership.

Here are 4 bridges that I have focused on in this year of Courage.

  1. Reflection and Decisions

  2. Short Game and Long Game

  3. Discipline and Go With the Flow

  4. Reps and Rest

As we cross from 2018 and 2019, I wish you a year bridging those parts within you as you move forward in Courageous leadership.

bridges podcast Copy.jpg

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