Questions and Answers! With Special Guest - Adaora Nwandu

I wanted to start 2019 with a unique episode, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you here. You were all given a chance to submit questions at the end of 2018. I didn’t get a chance to read these questions before Adaora Nwandu posed them to me in our interview.

We had a great time doing this episode, as no one holds me more accountable than Adaora, and she’s hilarious as she does it. You get to hear about our own plans for the future, as well as some of the ways we’ve responded to the highs and lows of 2018, and how I don’t let likes on social media run my days either.

There will definitely be more chances to submit questions in the future, but in the meantime enjoy our stories from our life experiences these past months and years.

During the interview, I mentioned an inspiring post by @Advil and promised to link his profile for you.  Here it is!

q and a podcast Copy (1).jpg

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