From DJ to Spin Master: A Fitness Instructors Origin Story (Rene Wiley)

I’ve been excited about this interview for months and it has finally happened.  On this week’s episode, I sit down with the legendary Rene Wiley for an epic interview.

Rene is a professional fitness instructor and all around brilliant human being.  I connected with Rene as I was taking my first spin class at Equinox.  I instantly recognized that he was a dynamic and inspiring person.

During our conversation, Rene speaks on:

  • The importance of listening to your heart and following your dreams.  
  • What is courage?
  • Going after the things that matter to you.
  • Diversity in health and fitness.
  • The science of a workout playlist.

And that just touches the surface!  I’m telling you, this interview is fire!

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