Embracing Your Power With Minister Kat

On this week’s episode of THE Celebration, I interview Minister Kat the founder of KittyRose Lyfestyle.

Minister Kat and I discussed the power of prayer in our day to day activities, its manifestation and  how taking a leap of faith can help us break new ground and boundaries. She believes that the practice of self love and trust will ultimately propel us to follow our dreams.

She left the corporate world in 2003 and went on to create the weekly show “Natural Sessions”, viewed in over 4.7 million homes. Her first boutique was opened in 2010 in Harlem and another in West Village, New York. Other projects include producing The Mary J. Blige Center for Women.

Kat is from Brooklyn and her mission is to teach and heal from all experience, and to embrace acceptance. She teaches Self Esteem and Social Media Workshops to pre-teen girls and adults.

You can follow Minister Kat on Instagram @mzkittyrose

Kat Podcast copy.jpg

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