Failure, Success and Finding Purpose With Kyle Dendy

Kyle Dendy, at 21 years old, is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The Purpose Playbook. He is wise beyond his years and has reached millions with his message of finding and following God’s purpose for your life. His educational platform The Academy of Purpose has helped countless people become all God created them to be. 

Kyle discusses in this episode how he began speaking and the growth he’s experienced along the way. Kyle has spoken over 100 times and even recently spoke at a Sunday Service with Kanye. He talks with us about redefining failure, finding peace through God’s word and the role faith plays in the process of success. He gives tangible advice to those who are striving to find their purpose. 

Follow Kyle’s journey and inspirational messages on Instagram, @KyleDenty or check out his book HERE.

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All Things Work Together With Rachel-Yvonne

Today, I talk to minister Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh, who encourages us to see all parts of our lives as opportunities. She shares with us her journey from singing six-year-old to the minister she is today. Along the way, we discuss faith, social media, and the relationship between money and religion.

Rachel-Yvonne is a minister, preacher, singer/songwriter, and coach for Women in Ministry. She specializes in helping women in ministry build influence, community, and make more money while walking in their Divine Purpose. Her mission is to inform people that they are “brave, powerful and free.” She travels across the world sharing how to live a naturally supernatural life “on earth as it is in heaven,” and leads congregations of all sizes. 

Check out her website and her Instagram to stay updated.

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Connecting With Your Intuition And Being Yourself

My guest this week is coach and facilitator Tasneem Noor. We talk about understanding and following your intuition, the difference between faith and religion, and Tasneem’s own experience publishing her book, The Faith Connector.

We also tackle the question of what authenticity actually is, and finally examine how a combination of authenticity and intuition can help you achieve your goals. Warning for earphone users: there’s a lot of laughing in this one.

Tasneem Farah Noor is the founder of Noor Enterprises: SOULful Transformations, which is committed to providing transformational experiences, personal development, and opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

Tasneem’s mission is to establish thriving, peaceful communities where conversations of faith build bridges of compassion and collaboration. Through coaching, trainings, and facilitation she helps people learn how to deepen their faith (and trust) in themselves, authentically express themselves, and take courageous action.

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Embracing Your Power With Minister Kat

On this week’s episode of THE Celebration, I interview Minister Kat the founder of KittyRose Lyfestyle.

Minister Kat and I discussed the power of prayer in our day to day activities, its manifestation and  how taking a leap of faith can help us break new ground and boundaries. She believes that the practice of self love and trust will ultimately propel us to follow our dreams.

She left the corporate world in 2003 and went on to create the weekly show “Natural Sessions”, viewed in over 4.7 million homes. Her first boutique was opened in 2010 in Harlem and another in West Village, New York. Other projects include producing The Mary J. Blige Center for Women.

Kat is from Brooklyn and her mission is to teach and heal from all experience, and to embrace acceptance. She teaches Self Esteem and Social Media Workshops to pre-teen girls and adults.

You can follow Minister Kat on Instagram @mzkittyrose

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Faith, Change, and Owning your Power with Goddess Adina

This week on THE Celebration, we interview Goddess Adina, whose mission is ‘to hold a space so sacred that all that enter it find themselves busting self wide open to see a whole new array of possibilities’.

Goddess Adina is an Author, Performance Artist, Yoga Therapist and Healer. She was generous enough to share her thoughts on the difference between faith and religion, change being your only constant, and owning your power. Goddess Adina strongly believes this is the year and season of owning your voice, truth, fears and insecurities; time to take all of that in, and stamp on it.

Check out this vulnerable, open, self-reflective, baring-it-all kind of episode.

You can also learn more about her philosophy of infinite possibilities on her Site and on Instagram.

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