Failure, Success and Finding Purpose With Kyle Dendy

Kyle Dendy, at 21 years old, is a speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The Purpose Playbook. He is wise beyond his years and has reached millions with his message of finding and following God’s purpose for your life. His educational platform The Academy of Purpose has helped countless people become all God created them to be. 

Kyle discusses in this episode how he began speaking and the growth he’s experienced along the way. Kyle has spoken over 100 times and even recently spoke at a Sunday Service with Kanye. He talks with us about redefining failure, finding peace through God’s word and the role faith plays in the process of success. He gives tangible advice to those who are striving to find their purpose. 

Follow Kyle’s journey and inspirational messages on Instagram, @KyleDenty or check out his book HERE.

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Let’s Talk Social Media

This week’s episode is a replay of a working session with creatives, entrepreneurs, side hustlers and folks from the non-profit community discussing strategies to maximize their success. We talked about using social media and Facebook ads to build a targeted audience, connecting with their supporters online, and sustaining an income while following their passion. 

From starting a podcast to building a following on Instagram to publicizing your art using social media, this episode covers it all. I am so grateful to these participants for stepping into their vulnerability and passions in our conversation, and allowing me to share it with you. 

For more information about the next creative session, visit  LINK HERE. 

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Funemployment and Redefining Success With Janna Hall

This week I’m joined by Janna Hall, a Richmond, VA native and CEO of Leap Innovative Group, a digital marketing and brand development agency. Janna began her career in digital marketing when she relocated to New York City in 2011, working at agencies and large non-profits. In February 2016, Janna decided to bring her experience to her hometown by starting her own company to provide strategy development, execution, and copywriting services to local and national brands.

Janna’s passion for entrepreneurship inspired her to launch Funemployed, a brand, community and movement that provides resources to educate & connect dreamers who are monetizing their passion and working to do what they love full-time. With her platform, Janna mentors local youth while teaching them employable skills and plants seeds of entrepreneurship. 

On this episode, we discuss her journey from what appeared to be “living her best life” in New York to actually having the courage to put her real dreams into action with her own company. We also talk about what it takes to get to the ultimate state of self-awareness to determine the kind of life you want to live, and how to take steps to achieve exactly that. Above all, Janna believes that success should be measured not by societal standards and pressure, but by our willingness to take the leap and cultivate the life of our wildest dreams. 

You can find the Medium article where I met Janna here (5 Things Beyonce Taught Us about Building a Brand). Her digital marketing agency, including Funemployed, can be found here.

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Business Development Q&A

This week’s episode is a live Q&A session from my Inner-Power Group Coaching session. I really believe there is a ton of value in this one, and a lot of questions you may have are likely to be answered.

We cover:

  • The best way to start a podcast

  • How to grow your audience as a musician

  • How to create products that sell

  • Efficient ways to create content

  • Ways to connect with new clients

If you are passionate about learning how to grow your side hustle, business, or creative project, I highly recommend this week’s episode.

Guests who asked questions:

Rayesa Gheewala: @rayesagheewala

Aretha Scruggs @arethascruggsmusic

Ashlee Tezino @beautyambassador

Dale Leopold @BSdeResistance

Grant Hartwell @grantsyourguy

Sadiya Sassine FB: Sadiya Sassine

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3 Star Reviews

Empathy, communication, and providing value are the cornerstones of a successful business.  In this week’s episode, I share with you an empowering tool you can use to create content, and copy language to connect with your audience.

Rather than trying to guess what your customers, audience, or community wants to hear, why not use their own words?  That’s what is at the heart of the 3 Star Review marketing tool. It provides you with a template you can use to both articulate what stands out about your product, service or project, while at the same time, addressing any objections or concerns people may have.

If you ever find yourself struggling to write compelling sales copy, grants, marketing materials, or how to market yourself, this is the episode for you!

Reviews, 3 Stars, 5 Stars, empowering, empathy, communication, marketing, success, business, customers, audience, own words, products, projects, grants, template.

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The Spark Within

Inside all of us is a Spark.  Inside all of us is Greatness.  Inside all of us is a Giant.  Inside all of us is a Choice - do we tap into our inner power or let it remain dormant?

How do we do that? Activate our strengths? Translate potential into action? Manifest our visions into reality? These are the questions that I LOVE exploring.

One of my biggest “ahas” on that learning journey is: BIG Transformations come through small, everyday actions and decisions.  It’s like stepping into the fog, and then coming back inside and realizing, “Oh my gosh! I’m wet.”  We often don’t see the incremental changes taking place until, all of a sudden, we look around and realize we are living the life we envisioned!  

Check out this week’s video to learn 3 of my favorite micro-adjustments!

This weeks podcast takes a deeper dive!

Plus, I share the 4 things I do every night before bed. It has had a HUGE impact on my life.

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How Do You Measure Success?

Have you ever felt that you got exactly what you wanted, but when you got it, it didn't feel like what you thought it would?  Or have you felt that you work for something so hard, but once it
was there, this is not what I thought it would be?

We've all been there, that's why it's important to, any time you start something, ask yourself, how am I defining success?

In this video - I'll go over exercises and questions you can use to create your definition of success.

This episode has a podcast that dives deeper into this subject.  If you enjoyed this video, you will love the podcast.  Check it out below!

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