Social Media for Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Side Hustlers Q and A Replay

This week’s episode is a replay of a ‘Social Media for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers and Creatives’ Q&A session that I hosted a while back. It’s a great one for anybody interested in making an impact and income while doing what you love. Especially if you’re looking to use social media to build a brand, business and community.

A lot of awesome questions were asked that I bet you have too. They ranged from how to start a podcast, how to grow your audience on IG, how to run Facebook Ads, what to do if you don’t have a focus or know what you want your business to be, and lots of other awesome ones.

Q&A is my favorite form of content because rather than the given feedback being general advice, it is specific and nuanced according to the asker’s concerns. This session was no exception.

If any questions come up for you be sure to reach out on social media or email me tom@tomearl.com.  

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Recipe for Magic with Tira Yasmine

Tira Yasmine is a poet, author, life coach, jewelry designer and entrepreneur. In this week’s interview she shares how her  grateful attitude has helped create what she calls her “recipe for magic”.

Part of Tira’s magic recipe is being a firm believer in God, which has resulted in  inner power and peace. This power and peace has propelled her into being an ardent change agent. She uses her art and writing to create holistic change,  a reflection of her belief that gentleness can also create effective change.

Check out this engaging episode on Tira’s recipe for living your best life.

You can follow Tira on instagram @tirayasmi


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Milan Crump - CEO and Founder of LadynPink

This week’s episode is an inspiring interview with LadynPink’s CEO and Founder, Milan Crump. 

LadynPink (IG: @ladynpink_) is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering the modern “lady.”  This brand was created to uplift women and compel them to feel like LADIES: classy, confident and powerful. 

Milan shared with us the origin story of what lead to her founding of LadynPink.  She talked about what it takes to run a successful lifestyle brand. 

We also covered topics such as:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • What it means to be a LadynPink
  • Why it’s important to love yourself 
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-care
  • Time Management

I truly had a great time interviewing Milan!  I know you will find this episode enriching and empowering. 


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