Our Word Creates Our World

I am reflecting on how our word creates our world. Living in our power is recognizing that my choices have created the world around me. The words I choose are one of the fundamental ways I do so.

Join me this week as I explore this truth and ways to practice mindfulness.

This episode has a podcast that dives deeper into this subject.  If you enjoyed this video, you will love the podcast.  Check it out below!

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What Nature Can Teach Us On Perseverance.

I come to you this week with gratitude and joy.  This is the fourth and final video from my summer Up North series.  Let us look to nature this week and see what lessons we can learn in perseverance. 

In this episode I introduce you to one of my favorite friends in the forest.  I also discuss what a symbiotic relationship looks like and how we can replicate it in our lives. 

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