All Things Work Together With Rachel-Yvonne

Today, I talk to minister Rachel-Yvonne McIntosh, who encourages us to see all parts of our lives as opportunities. She shares with us her journey from singing six-year-old to the minister she is today. Along the way, we discuss faith, social media, and the relationship between money and religion.

Rachel-Yvonne is a minister, preacher, singer/songwriter, and coach for Women in Ministry. She specializes in helping women in ministry build influence, community, and make more money while walking in their Divine Purpose. Her mission is to inform people that they are “brave, powerful and free.” She travels across the world sharing how to live a naturally supernatural life “on earth as it is in heaven,” and leads congregations of all sizes. 

Check out her website and her Instagram to stay updated.

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The Perfect Time is Now

Ash Couture is an entrepreneur, business coach, instructor, founder of Rich Girl University, and owner of Pink Halo Hair Boutique. Pink Halo Hair provides premium virgin luxury lace wigs and hair extensions, while Rich Girl University is an online school with a mission to teach women how to make money and create a life they love.

On this week’s episode, Ash and I talk about overcoming adversity, turning your dreams into action, and Ash’s own journey as an entrepreneur, which started in her college dorm room.

Ash specializes in helping entrepreneurs map their dream life, create a six-figure business, market like a boss, build an authentic brand, and master the financial side of their business. 

You can follow her work on Instagram @iamashcouture, @pinkhalohairboutique, and @richgirluniversity.

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Funemployment and Redefining Success With Janna Hall

This week I’m joined by Janna Hall, a Richmond, VA native and CEO of Leap Innovative Group, a digital marketing and brand development agency. Janna began her career in digital marketing when she relocated to New York City in 2011, working at agencies and large non-profits. In February 2016, Janna decided to bring her experience to her hometown by starting her own company to provide strategy development, execution, and copywriting services to local and national brands.

Janna’s passion for entrepreneurship inspired her to launch Funemployed, a brand, community and movement that provides resources to educate & connect dreamers who are monetizing their passion and working to do what they love full-time. With her platform, Janna mentors local youth while teaching them employable skills and plants seeds of entrepreneurship. 

On this episode, we discuss her journey from what appeared to be “living her best life” in New York to actually having the courage to put her real dreams into action with her own company. We also talk about what it takes to get to the ultimate state of self-awareness to determine the kind of life you want to live, and how to take steps to achieve exactly that. Above all, Janna believes that success should be measured not by societal standards and pressure, but by our willingness to take the leap and cultivate the life of our wildest dreams. 

You can find the Medium article where I met Janna here (5 Things Beyonce Taught Us about Building a Brand). Her digital marketing agency, including Funemployed, can be found here.

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Celebrating Failure

On this week’s episode, we explore ways through which we can celebrate failure. When we are taking risks, envisioning, creating change, and putting ourselves out there, creating a healthy relationship with failure is really important. When we try something new or strive to live our best life, we are inevitably setting ourselves up to experience moments where we stumble or fall short, and the mindset we have in those moments will influence how we move forward.

This week’s episode is a workshop that walks us through how we can create a healthy relationship with failure. Together, we break down what we have been taught failure means, and then create our own fresh definition.

Celebrate Failure is Day 5 of a 7-day workshop series that I have created.

If you’d like to participate in workshops like this one and receive the full 7-day series, you can become an Inner-Power Member.  

To learn more, head to 

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Purposeful Movement, Purposeful Life with Arielle Miller Cohen

On this week’s episode, I interview Los Angeles based Arielle Miller Cohen -  registered Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle Coach, blogger and writer.

Arielle and I talk about the importance of personal accountability, internal motivation, and cultivating a growth mindset. We also discussed how to break free from limiting beliefs and live your truth. As a health and wellness enthusiast, she believes strongly that people’s lives can be changed positively through intentional movement.

Popularly known as “The Girl with the Purple Hair’’, her no holds barred approach to living life and accepting challenges has inspired many to intentional conscious living Through her yoga classes and writing, Arielle seeks to bring people and community together,  and help them experience holistic fitness from the inside out.

Arielle also works as a public school teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Leadership.

Listen to this week’s episode with purpose, and we’re sure it will have you moving into further greatness.

You can follow Arielle on Instagram @arielle_miller and on her site.

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Recipe for Magic with Tira Yasmine

Tira Yasmine is a poet, author, life coach, jewelry designer and entrepreneur. In this week’s interview she shares how her  grateful attitude has helped create what she calls her “recipe for magic”.

Part of Tira’s magic recipe is being a firm believer in God, which has resulted in  inner power and peace. This power and peace has propelled her into being an ardent change agent. She uses her art and writing to create holistic change,  a reflection of her belief that gentleness can also create effective change.

Check out this engaging episode on Tira’s recipe for living your best life.

You can follow Tira on instagram @tirayasmi


Tira Yasmine will be our feature on this week's edition of the Live and Online: Expression Session.  Register below! 

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South Africa, Service and Birthday Reflections with Shelby Birch

On this week’s episode I interview author, poet and activist Shelby Birch from her Peace Corp assignment in South Africa.

 Shelby shares some of the highlights and surprises of her service. She also reflects  on her activism, and how overcoming challenges, has helped shape her worldview and aided her in becoming her best self. 

 Shelby brazenly tells her story through her writing, and her strong belief in wisdom, artistic freedom, and expressionism shines through. Her most recent published book, ‘Lit’ is a powerful illustration of how she uses poetry as a mirror to examine issues on womanhood, blackness, awkwardness, and heartbreak.

You can follow Shelby Birch on Instagram @shelbybirch

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The Power of Your Story

Everyone has a story.  It is one of the most powerful assets you have and it is always with you.  Have you ever felt that your story wasn't worth sharing? Have you ever felt that its small or boring and nobody would care?  Amazing things begin happening when we share our personal story.  Something you've experienced might not seem like it at first, but it could be the key someone needs to unlock new understanding. 

Let's start simple, think back on your life, where is a place you have been that holds significant meaning for you? 

You can also listen to the audio: