We Are All Creatives

On this week’s episode, we talk about creativity! Each and every single one of us are creatives, and we are continually expressing ourselves in unique and wonderful ways. We discuss the relationship between creativity and vulnerability, and how getting lost in the process of creating is often more important than the product. There are so many different ways to express your creativity aside from traditional “art”, from showing people how you love to setting up your spreadsheets. 

The second half of this episode is a replay from a Live and Online: Expression Session. You will hear the poetry people created during the freewrite session using the prompt “We Are All Creatives”. 

The world needs your gifts! How are you showing up creatively in your life?

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Celebrating Failure

On this week’s episode, we explore ways through which we can celebrate failure. When we are taking risks, envisioning, creating change, and putting ourselves out there, creating a healthy relationship with failure is really important. When we try something new or strive to live our best life, we are inevitably setting ourselves up to experience moments where we stumble or fall short, and the mindset we have in those moments will influence how we move forward.

This week’s episode is a workshop that walks us through how we can create a healthy relationship with failure. Together, we break down what we have been taught failure means, and then create our own fresh definition.

Celebrate Failure is Day 5 of a 7-day workshop series that I have created.

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Politically Divided: Healing for Families, Friends, and Couples

This week, I talk to a guest from past times: writer Mitch del Monico! We talk about communicating, especially with people we disagree with. This is especially important in divisive times, in which disagreements can lead to relationship rupture. Mitch recently wrote a book addressing this phenomenon, called Politically Divided, which we also talk about.

You may recognize Mitch from a previous episode, when I interviewed him and co-creator Shaan Dasani about Agent of Change. He’s a writer who has also worked as a film and music video director and digital media assistant on a ship that sailed the Atlantic Ocean. His feature film, Alto, stars Annabella Sciorra, Natalie Knepp, and Diana DeGarmo.

Mitch has also written for HuffPo and has researched TV shows for the History Channel, Discovery, and the American Heroes Channel, among others, including nearly a hundred episodes of Modern Marvels. Mitch has spoken on panels at Comic-Con, Wonder-Con, the LA Film Festival, and CreatorUp! and has served as a juror for the Don Thompson LGBT Film Festival for the past three years in a row.

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