Business Development Q&A

This week’s episode is a live Q&A session from my Inner-Power Group Coaching session. I really believe there is a ton of value in this one, and a lot of questions you may have are likely to be answered.

We cover:

  • The best way to start a podcast

  • How to grow your audience as a musician

  • How to create products that sell

  • Efficient ways to create content

  • Ways to connect with new clients

If you are passionate about learning how to grow your side hustle, business, or creative project, I highly recommend this week’s episode.

Guests who asked questions:

Rayesa Gheewala: @rayesagheewala

Aretha Scruggs @arethascruggsmusic

Ashlee Tezino @beautyambassador

Dale Leopold @BSdeResistance

Grant Hartwell @grantsyourguy

Sadiya Sassine FB: Sadiya Sassine

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T.H.E. Celebration With Special Guest Francesca Escoto

This week’s guest is a leader and coach who’s had a major impact in my life.  At the beginning of my entrepreneur career, I received an invitation to be a part of Francesca’s BETA GROUP.  This group coaching program connected me with inspiring leaders and shaped my vision.  It was truly transformative.  

I loved getting to ask Francesca how we can all create transformation in our lives.  I am excited for Francesca to share her gems of wisdom and magic with you!

Check out the video or podcast below.

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