Connecting With Your Intuition And Being Yourself

My guest this week is coach and facilitator Tasneem Noor. We talk about understanding and following your intuition, the difference between faith and religion, and Tasneem’s own experience publishing her book, The Faith Connector.

We also tackle the question of what authenticity actually is, and finally examine how a combination of authenticity and intuition can help you achieve your goals. Warning for earphone users: there’s a lot of laughing in this one.

Tasneem Farah Noor is the founder of Noor Enterprises: SOULful Transformations, which is committed to providing transformational experiences, personal development, and opportunities for meaningful dialogue.

Tasneem’s mission is to establish thriving, peaceful communities where conversations of faith build bridges of compassion and collaboration. Through coaching, trainings, and facilitation she helps people learn how to deepen their faith (and trust) in themselves, authentically express themselves, and take courageous action.

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Personal Growth, Comedy, and Religion

We’re joined today by the talented Ameerah Sanders, who spoke with me about her own struggle with depression, self-acceptance, and her journey to becoming a professional comedian.

I appreciate how Ameerah spoke openly and from the heart. While we did share a lot of laughs (especially since Ameerah is a hilarious comedian), we also took the conversation to some very deep and very real places. You’ll appreciate the insights and truths that Ameerah shares.

Ameerah Sanders is a standup comic, writer, and filmmaker based in Kansas City, MO. Her comedy comes from her post-9/11 Black Muslim background and her current post-college life. She hopes to connect with other people of color and serve as an example that the life of a Black woman is not inherently political. She's performed at the Hollywood and Kansas City Improv. She'll be at the Cream City comedy fest in Milwaukee, WI May 9-12th and Art of Female Comedy Fest June 12th-13th.

Follow her on twitter @AmeerahSanders.

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Faith, Change, and Owning your Power with Goddess Adina

This week on THE Celebration, we interview Goddess Adina, whose mission is ‘to hold a space so sacred that all that enter it find themselves busting self wide open to see a whole new array of possibilities’.

Goddess Adina is an Author, Performance Artist, Yoga Therapist and Healer. She was generous enough to share her thoughts on the difference between faith and religion, change being your only constant, and owning your power. Goddess Adina strongly believes this is the year and season of owning your voice, truth, fears and insecurities; time to take all of that in, and stamp on it.

Check out this vulnerable, open, self-reflective, baring-it-all kind of episode.

You can also learn more about her philosophy of infinite possibilities on her Site and on Instagram.

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Sugar Coat Free with Asiya and Jameela

On this week’s episode we welcome Asiya and Jameela, aka the epic hosts of the Sugarcoat Free Podcast. These black Muslim millenial women navigate topics like mental health, pop culture, love and religion while spreading inspiration and really bad jokes.

During the interview we explored self-care, being Muslim, loving ourselves, as well as being courageous, open and true. They dropped wisdom you can write down and immediately apply to your life to improve it and bring more perspective.

Check it out!

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Environmental Justice and Racial Equity with Isoke Luqman

This week’s guest on T.H.E Celebration is Isoke Luqman,  founder and CEO of Gardens For Life. Her company is an Atlanta based organic, pesticide-free vegetable garden service that aims to create equitable and sustainable food networks in the city.

Isoke is a Racial Equity Fellow of Partnership for Southern Equity, a non-profit that advances racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the American South. The depth of the work she’s done allowed us to dive into discussions on environmental justice and the nuances involved with gentrification and environmental racism. We also talked about religion, race and the ways Gardens for Life has powerfully been using equity to create a more just society.

Isoke is a Geoscience graduate from Georgia State University, and her passion for the unique relationships people have with their environments really shines through.

You can follow Isoke on Instagram

Check it out!

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T.H.E. Celebration With Special Guest: Terna

This week, I had the pleasure to host a phenomenal and in depth interview with the amazing Terna, of (among many things) Coming Out Muslim. We had a deep dialogue with all about her insights and relationships with education, Islam, sexuality, health, healing, and self-care!

Terna is a Nigerian/ Liberian/American artist, facilitator and healer. She holds an MA in Counseling Psychology and Global Mental Health, and graduate degrees in International Conflict Analysis and Teaching.  She has worked as a public school teacher in New York, at the United Nations, and currently works to help survivors of homicide and victims of community violence.

Terna is also the co-writer of Coming Out Muslim: Radical Acts of Love,  which captures stories and experiences of being at the intersections of Islam and queerness and its relationship to family, lovers, one’s sense of self and relationship with our faith.

Get ready to be absolutely enthralled!

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