Personal Growth, Comedy, and Religion

We’re joined today by the talented Ameerah Sanders, who spoke with me about her own struggle with depression, self-acceptance, and her journey to becoming a professional comedian.

I appreciate how Ameerah spoke openly and from the heart. While we did share a lot of laughs (especially since Ameerah is a hilarious comedian), we also took the conversation to some very deep and very real places. You’ll appreciate the insights and truths that Ameerah shares.

Ameerah Sanders is a standup comic, writer, and filmmaker based in Kansas City, MO. Her comedy comes from her post-9/11 Black Muslim background and her current post-college life. She hopes to connect with other people of color and serve as an example that the life of a Black woman is not inherently political. She's performed at the Hollywood and Kansas City Improv. She'll be at the Cream City comedy fest in Milwaukee, WI May 9-12th and Art of Female Comedy Fest June 12th-13th.

Follow her on twitter @AmeerahSanders.

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You are Worthy: Nonprofit Founder Brittany Chung

In this week’s episode I interview Brittany Chung, the CEO and Founder of the nonprofit Elevation Society. Elevation Society works to unite humans to solve issues like bullying, depression and suicide, through showing every individual their life is worth living.

During my interview with Brittany I learned that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people between the ages 15-24.  I always knew that talking about bullying and suicide was important, but this really emphasized for me the urgency of this conversation. Elevation Society has also helped  girls who were saved from sex trafficking, elderly, homeless, children in hospitals, domestic violence victims, orphans, children and adults with special needs, and so many more.

Dive into this important and inspiring conversation with Brittany Chung, for another formidable episode.

You can follow Brittany on the Elevation Society website and on Instagram


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