Resilience, Energy, & Staying True to Yourself With Antoinette Chanel

This week, I am joined by Antoinette Chanel, a powerful storyteller, educator, and podcaster. With a unique background that includes over a decade of work in higher education, marketing, and public relations, Antoinette is can translate, map out, and put in motion tangible plans to help you and your organization reach its goals. 

She is the founder of the podcast, the Midday Reset (@themiddayreset), which she created to offer something uplifting and relatable to people with mental illness, specifically anxiety. She is also an educator and public speaker and is currently developing a workshop series to empower dark-skinned women and girls to redefine beauty for themselves.

On this episode, Antoinette shares where she found confidence in herself, and how they has led her to empowering other dark-skinned women and girls through her latest children’s book, A Book for Black Girls and her upcoming workshop series. We also discuss some tangible advice both inside and outside of the doctor’s office for people facing anxiety and depression. 

You can get in touch with her a on IG @msantoinettechanel or, and purchase her book here.

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