Personal Growth, Comedy, and Religion

We’re joined today by the talented Ameerah Sanders, who spoke with me about her own struggle with depression, self-acceptance, and her journey to becoming a professional comedian.

I appreciate how Ameerah spoke openly and from the heart. While we did share a lot of laughs (especially since Ameerah is a hilarious comedian), we also took the conversation to some very deep and very real places. You’ll appreciate the insights and truths that Ameerah shares.

Ameerah Sanders is a standup comic, writer, and filmmaker based in Kansas City, MO. Her comedy comes from her post-9/11 Black Muslim background and her current post-college life. She hopes to connect with other people of color and serve as an example that the life of a Black woman is not inherently political. She's performed at the Hollywood and Kansas City Improv. She'll be at the Cream City comedy fest in Milwaukee, WI May 9-12th and Art of Female Comedy Fest June 12th-13th.

Follow her on twitter @AmeerahSanders.

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A Hilarious and Deep Convo With Actress & Comedienne Travina Springer

On this week’s episode I interview actress, comedienne and my good friend Travina Springer. Travina is hilarious, so we spent most of the interview cracking up. But that didn’t keep us from really exploring our inner lives - in between my learning how to say the word comedienne, we talked about loving yourself, our creator, and Travina's 'love' of being single.

I am a huge fan of the way Travina authentically uses social media to story tell.  She shared her insights and reflections on how she is able to show glimpses of her life on social media without letting it become overwhelming.

She also shared her origin story of becoming an actress and comedienne.

Travina’s stand-up is featured on the reboot of BET's Comic View, while her recent acting roles include Life in Pieces, Unfair & Ugly, and Booty Candy.

If you like your interviews to have both heart and humor, you'll enjoy this episode a lot - check it out.

Travina likes making new friends so you can follow her everywhere (on social media, not real life, please) @travinaspringer.

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