cielo oscuro

Fashion, Creativity and Trans Representation with Cielo Oscuro

Cielo Oscuro aka Kiki from Kiki and the Mxfits is a non binary trans femme based in South Central Los Angeles.

Cielo’s focus on style means that she’s been able to shine a spotlight on QTPOC from different social and economic backgrounds, and created a more inclusive space in mainstream fashion.

Cielo’s short film about being Trans in High School - Kiki and the Mxfits - went viral, and re-ignited some much needed conversations about making High School safe for Trans youth.

In this week’s episode, we talk about her own experiences as a Latinx Trans youth, fashion, creativity, representation and the importance of QTPOC being visible in society.

You can follow Cielo on Instagram and also help with their transition here too. 

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