Imagination, Identity and Representation with Michón Neal

Our guest this week is trailblazer and representation activist Michón Neal. In Michón’s own words ze is “ an autistic BlaQueer impossible alien Othergender Dragon what tattoos trees with the queerest most sinister ink and hurts all over, all the time.”

Michón shared on a wide range of personal topics with me; we talked about hir projects in the Metanoiac portal, Cuil Press and the importance of media representation, as well as the imagination and how it ties into trauma.

Michón is a Public Speaker and Accountability Counselor at Postmodern Woman, Sensitivity Editor and Founder at Cuil Press, and Trauma-informed Domme, Builder of Communities of Care and Educator at The Metanoiac Portal.

You can follow Michón via hir website or listen to hir podcast.

Michon Neal.jpg

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