Special Birthday Episode!

What?! It’s my Birthday! Each year, as a way to intentionally reflect, I share a special birthday edition of T.H.E. Celebration. This year has seen so many blessings come my way, and I am so grateful for them. Even those challenging days, when I lay awake at night worrying what my next move should be, brought opportunities for growth. Ultimately, 31 has been a great ride.

To jump into a 32nd year that is grounded in gratitude, I’ll be going through my birthday ritual with you, which is to share one self-love affirmation for each year that I’ve been alive. That means that today, there are 32 of them!

As I reflected upon this past year I realized that books and reading have been such a source of inspiration and grounding for me. One of the best ways to honor that aspect of my life is to connect it to my birthday celebration.

Which is why I’ll also be sharing 7 quotes from 7 different books that have shaped, guided, and impacted me this past year.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of the love, support, and affirmation you share with me. I am so grateful to be in community with you.  

You’re the best. I hope you enjoy today’s birthday edition episode.

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Interfaith, Creative Writing, and Magic with Alex Sullivan

Poet and editor Alex Sullivan is studying the ways religion and and culture interact, with a focus on postcolonial and diaspora studies.  So it was no surprise when our conversation this week went into the areas of interfaith work, and big vocabulary words like intersectionality.

This is also Alex’s birthday week so we couldn’t resist talking about cool magic spells, and some really terrifying things like reading poetry OUT LOUD.

Alex has her BA in both Religious Studies and Social Science, and is currently doing her Masters at NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities.  She edits for GSAS literary journal Caustic Frolic and believes there’s beauty in everything and she is always looking for it.

Check out this week’s beauty-full episode.

You can follow Alex on Facebook and Instagram.

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